Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SURVEY: Fast Food

This is a survey about fast food that everybody (mainly the kids and some tutors) liked. We thought more kids would like fast food. The vegetarians picked only pizza - so, yeah.

It looks like 13 people in this place like pizza, and I was one of them. I think the hot dog was hated.

Mr. And Ms. Pac Man's 30th Anniversary

All I can say is that they are OLD. Amazing story - they've been eating dots and ghosts to gain weight for THIRTY YEARS, and still, they're only circles and mouths. Now they're like 30 years old and 1 month. This is AWESOME. Happy birthday, Pac Man.

How'd That Get There??

One day, my books were all on the couch. I was packing very fast. My mom was driving me to school, and I saw a red light. I just thought I was seeing things. When I got to school, the teacher told us to take out our writing notebooks, and I saw my remote!

...And We're Back!

Last Sunday, Undertaker was matched against his little brother, Kane. Undertaker gave Kane a REAL fight, but Kane still found a way to beat his brother.

Winner: KANE!