Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Called Shot

Babe Ruth was a famous player, but the biggest mystery is the Called Shot. No one knows the answer. Everyone disagrees and agrees, but the only person who knows is Babe Ruth, but he is dead. I watched a video on YouTube about the mystery. The only problem: It was blurry. I wish I could solve the mystery. Too bad, I can't.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last night I was watching TV and I saw Bigfoot on TV, so I'll tell you what happened. A big hairy thing was walking straight up in the woods, but I think it's just a man in a costume walking, so just tricking people. So I still don't believe in Bigfoot. Bigfoot is a fake monster. He's hairy, brown, tall, and walks like a person. On YouTube we saw a video in 1967 walking in a forest.

Punk and Hunk

One day in Hawaii one guy named Punk and another guy named Hunk were climbing up a mountain. What they didn't know was that it was a mountain volcano. When Hunk and Punk were half way up the volcano, it shook for the first time. They thought it was just the wind. The second time it shook, they were three-fourths up the mountain. That was when they saw a sign. It said: Mountain Volcano! They were worried, and that was when it started to rain bulls and horses. Hunk and Punk stood looking at the sign, not noticing their shirts were getting very damp. The final time the volcano shook, lava oozed slowly down the sides. It was red and smelled like smoke. Suddenly, a guy named Little Chunky appeared on a hover board and told the two guys to get on. Because Punk was mad there wasn't enough room for three people to be comfortable on the board, he pushed Little Chunky off his hover board. Punk cheered up, and he floated home with Hunk.
The End.