Monday, November 29, 2010

Shaun White, Snow Boarder

Shaun White is probably the greatest snow boarder in the United States, bar none since he did a 540 degree kick flip in the fall Dew Tour 2010, which was two days before Thanksgiving, November 23, 3010. The reason Shaun White is the best snow boarder since a 540 degree kick is plain crazy, but a 540 degree kick flip, variable? That's just insane. He won three gold medals in the Olympics and about seven gold medals in the Mountain Dew Sk8ters Competition.

Wooo Shaun White. I have his sweater.

PS Shaun has a new video game coming out called Shaun White Skateboarding in 2011.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RANT: Candy Corn

I hate candy corn, even though everyone else loves it.

Candy corn is a yellow piece of candy that is white, orange, and yellow. Also, it has a triangle shape.

Why people love it:
- They're so small, you can eat it quickly
- It tastes so good to some people
- It reminds people of their childhood

Why I hate it:
- It tastes bad
- It is too sweet
- It's corn

RANT: Taking pictures

I hate taking pictures, even though everyone else loves it.

Pictures are images of someone. They have to stand still to take pictures.

Why people love taking pictures:
- You can put it into a frame.
- You can take it home.
- You can keep it.

Why I hate pictures:
- It hurts my eyes.
- It is long.
- It is boring.
- You have to wear clothes.

RANT: Dogs

I hate dogs, even though everyone else loves them.

A dog is a mammal with fur. Some people have dogs for pets.

Why people love them:
- Dogs are cute
- Dogs are puppies
- Dogs are fun

Why I hate them:
- Dogs are big and scary
- My best friend hates dogs because they make a mess.
- Dogs make people sneeze!
- Dogs can eat your couch
- Dogs can take over the world!

RANT: Hannah Montana

I hate Hannah Montana, even though everyone else loves her.

Hannah Montana is mostly Miley Cyrus. Hannah changes from Miley to Hannah.

Why people love her:
- Her music
- Her style
- The way she changes

Why I hate her:
- She is a girl singer
- She has bad hair
- She can't sing
- She is only a teen.

RANT: Twilight

I hate Twilight, even though everyone else loves it.

Twilight is an overrated series about an expendable plot. It has crappy acting, predictable romance, and it all feeds on the power source of 3 to 22 year old girls.

Why people love Twilight:
"Oh, so like Edward loves Bella..."
"But Jacob loves Bella TOO?!"
"TEAM Edward or Jacob!?!"

People shouldn't listen to me, because if you had a high factor of super awesome common sense you would see what I mean.

RANT: Handball

I love handball, even though everyone else hates it.

Handball is a sport played by many people, but mostly men because the ball is hard. It depends what size the handball is.

Why people hate handball:
- Some people don't like handball because they might hurt their hands.
- They might not win and start crying.
- They don't know how to play.

Why I love handball:
- I'm good.
- I know how to play, and I can teach others.
- Your health can increase by playing handball.