Monday, November 29, 2010

Shaun White, Snow Boarder

Shaun White is probably the greatest snow boarder in the United States, bar none since he did a 540 degree kick flip in the fall Dew Tour 2010, which was two days before Thanksgiving, November 23, 3010. The reason Shaun White is the best snow boarder since a 540 degree kick is plain crazy, but a 540 degree kick flip, variable? That's just insane. He won three gold medals in the Olympics and about seven gold medals in the Mountain Dew Sk8ters Competition.

Wooo Shaun White. I have his sweater.

PS Shaun has a new video game coming out called Shaun White Skateboarding in 2011.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RANT: Candy Corn

I hate candy corn, even though everyone else loves it.

Candy corn is a yellow piece of candy that is white, orange, and yellow. Also, it has a triangle shape.

Why people love it:
- They're so small, you can eat it quickly
- It tastes so good to some people
- It reminds people of their childhood

Why I hate it:
- It tastes bad
- It is too sweet
- It's corn

RANT: Taking pictures

I hate taking pictures, even though everyone else loves it.

Pictures are images of someone. They have to stand still to take pictures.

Why people love taking pictures:
- You can put it into a frame.
- You can take it home.
- You can keep it.

Why I hate pictures:
- It hurts my eyes.
- It is long.
- It is boring.
- You have to wear clothes.

RANT: Dogs

I hate dogs, even though everyone else loves them.

A dog is a mammal with fur. Some people have dogs for pets.

Why people love them:
- Dogs are cute
- Dogs are puppies
- Dogs are fun

Why I hate them:
- Dogs are big and scary
- My best friend hates dogs because they make a mess.
- Dogs make people sneeze!
- Dogs can eat your couch
- Dogs can take over the world!

RANT: Hannah Montana

I hate Hannah Montana, even though everyone else loves her.

Hannah Montana is mostly Miley Cyrus. Hannah changes from Miley to Hannah.

Why people love her:
- Her music
- Her style
- The way she changes

Why I hate her:
- She is a girl singer
- She has bad hair
- She can't sing
- She is only a teen.

RANT: Twilight

I hate Twilight, even though everyone else loves it.

Twilight is an overrated series about an expendable plot. It has crappy acting, predictable romance, and it all feeds on the power source of 3 to 22 year old girls.

Why people love Twilight:
"Oh, so like Edward loves Bella..."
"But Jacob loves Bella TOO?!"
"TEAM Edward or Jacob!?!"

People shouldn't listen to me, because if you had a high factor of super awesome common sense you would see what I mean.

RANT: Handball

I love handball, even though everyone else hates it.

Handball is a sport played by many people, but mostly men because the ball is hard. It depends what size the handball is.

Why people hate handball:
- Some people don't like handball because they might hurt their hands.
- They might not win and start crying.
- They don't know how to play.

Why I love handball:
- I'm good.
- I know how to play, and I can teach others.
- Your health can increase by playing handball.

RANT: Reese's Pieces

I hate Reese's Pieces, even though everyone else loves them.

Reese's Pieces are candies with chocolate and peanut butter in the middle.

Why everyone loves them:
- It is chocolate
- It has peanut butter
- It is colorful

Why I hate them:
- I hate chocolate, because it tastes bad.
- I hat peanut butter, because it tastes bad.
- I hate both things together!

RANT: Pokemon

I love Pokemon, even though everyone else hates them.

Pokemon are like pets. There are many kinds of Pokemon. They are a little fake. I have 200 Pokemon cards!

Why everyone hates them:
- The people need to give them Pokemon food.
- The people need money to buy Pokemon.
- Pokemon are confusing!

Why I love them:
- I watch them at home.
- Some Pokemon are cute.
- Some Pokemon are cool.
- Some Pokemon colors are nice.

RANT: Fish

I hate fish, even though everyone else loves it.

Why everyone loves fish:
- Fish can be pets.
- People like to eat fish.
- People like to look at fish.

Why I hate fish:
- I hate eating fish.
- I hate watching fish.
- I hate having fish for pets.

RANT: Toy Cars

I love toy cars, even though everyone else hates them.

I have a lot of toy cars at home.

Why people hate them:
- The color will come off of the toy cars.
- It is easy to break a toy car.
- Toy cars go a little too slow.

Why I love them:
- I like toy cars because they run fast.
- The toy cars can race.
- You can play with toy cars all year.

RANT: Hannah Montana

I love Hannah Montana, even though everyone else hates her.

Hannah Montana has yellow hair and she loves to sing. She loves to dance. She has a boyfriend.

Why people hate her:
- They hate her hair.
- They hate her because they think she's ugly.
- They hate her so much because they hate her face.

Why I love her (even though I don't watch her TV show):
- She is so cute.
- I love her hair.
- I like her boyfriend.

RANT: Justin Bieber

I hate Justin Bieber even though everyone else loves him.

Why they love him:
- He's supposedly a "good" singer.
- He brings Canada's ratings up.
- People will give up their life for him.

Why I hate him:
- He makes Canada look bad.
- He sounds like a 4 year old girl.
- He has a sad life (eh?)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Tangled" 2010 movie overview

It is one day before "Tangled" comes out and we have the advice of Mar-Mar and Too-too (and no that is not two people it is the name of one person):

"Tangled" is the greatest movie you've never seen yet. You want to see it because you've never seen it. I was watching disney channel and suddenly a TRAILER popped up! I asked my Mom if we could go see it and she said that it was in 24th of November. I was so excited and I could tell it was a great movie. Her hair is the longest hair I've ever seen and the whole time she has fun with it and can use it to be a rope and other unique things (SHE NEEDS A HAIRCUT). But it is fun and cool and I'm going to go SEE IT!


The cutest animal is a koala because...

1. koala's are furry.
2. koala's are cute.
3. koala's have cute babies.
4. koala's look so cute when they are born.
5. koala's have a big, funny nose.
6. koala's have chubby cheeks.

A Movie Called Born To Be Wild

I think wild life is interesting also I think that Born To Be Wild is a good movie and I bet that most people are gonna cry by like the middle of the movie.

It is non fiction and it's trying to say that animals should get a better life than the one they got now.

It comes out april 8th
and its in imax 3d

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

13 Deadly Evil Cliques (Part I)

(by Pew Pew Man)
1st. "Cool" Teacher
The teacher with the ripped pants wears a beanie, looks like a bum, speaks like a preacher. Usually liked by kids for his insolence. Mostly found in art class.

2nd. Dramatic (scene) kids
Watched Twilight way too many times. Adds so much drama to their lives with boy/girlfriends. Kids in drama

3rd. Skateboarders
Use a lot of slang. Probably play guitar or drums (brag about it a lot). Commonly found among class clowns.

Why I Love Buizel and Raichu

(by Thunder Pokey Ball)
I watch TV. I saw Buizel and Raichu. It is cute! Buizel and Raichu's color is orange and black and yellow and blue. Buizel and Raichu's power is thunder and water. Raichu's tail is like a thunder bolt. Raichu only can say his name. Buizel's tail is like a fox tail.

Buizel is my favorite Pokemon! And my second favorite Pokemon is Raichu!

Five Reasons That I Love Pokemon

(by Fire Pokey Ball)
Reason 1: Pokemon are cute
Reason 2: Pokey balls are cool.
Reason 3: So many different Pokemon.
Reason 4: Different Pokemon have different powers.
Reason 5: I like Pokemon because I like Picachu!

Frankenstein vs. Ghost

(by Frankenstein)
Frankenstein has punching power, and the ghost has invisible power. Frankenstein hits the ghost. He uses invisible power. It doesn't hurt the ghost. They have more powers. It is the ghost's turn. He does slap power! Frankenstein only has 9 more powers. The ghost has 10 powers. In six more minutes, Frankenstein is going to lose. The score was 10 to 1. Frankenstein was mad because he was losing. The ghost was happy. Frankenstein threw in the towel. He won the trophy. Frankenstein was so mad he went home. His friends teased him. He was really, really, really angry!

Lost on the Trail

(by Pink Bow)
I, Pink Bow, am really lost on this map. Because I bounced off to drink some water. I heard a whooosh sound near the trees. I bounced as fast as I could. I wished I had feet so I could zoom, zoom, zoom! It was a boy. I knew his name was Picker, the bouncy ball. Picker knew the way we found the group again when we were safe. The end.


(by Montana Red)
One day, a dinosaur was sleeping in the ground. The dinosaur woke up. He went to walk to get food. The dinosaur has red powers in his body. Then he heard a noise out away from his house. Then he ran so fast to eat him. It was a baby dinosaur! So he ate him. Then he saw a dinosaur was running away. So he ran, too. The dinosaur ran too. So he raised his hand and took his power to get the dinosaur. So the dinosaur ate him and he ate the other dinosaur. So he was the only one there. So he lived by himself.

Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley

(by Green Team)
One day Michael Jackson became the king of pop and Elvis Presley got left back. I think Elvis is jealous of Michael Jackson because he became the king of pop instead of him. I think MIchael Jackson is the best singer. Michael Jackson kills Elvis with his singing powers. Michael Jackson became the king of pop forever. But when he became 50 Michael Jackson died of a heart attack. Poor, poor Michael Jackson.

Pink Vs. Koala

(By Pink Koala)
Pink and Koala are my 2 favorite things in the world. I can't decide which one I love the most. I think I would love pink koalas. So I can love them both. Pink is a nice color and koalas are so so so so so so so so so so so adorable.

A koala's face looks like it's sticking out its tongue, but it's really not. Pink is bright, pretty, and lovely.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Something About Hats

Hats are colorful. Some are big, and some are small. Some people own six or seven hats. A lot of times, they're baseball hats. Some of them are clown hats.

Today, someone wore a hat to drop-in, and got compliments from FOUR different people! That someone will probably wear the same hat again someday...


The first thing I am thinking about right now is a small dog. It's fluffy. It's scratching its ear.

I Don't Know What to Write

When I'm stuck for ideas, an I don't know what to write, this is what I do:
1. Ask my mom
2. Look at the dictionary
3. Look in magazines
4. Ask a teacher

It always works. Try it!

I Love Pokemon

I like Pokemon because Pokemon is cute and they have superpowers. And my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu.

I also like the Firebird and the Fire Dragon. In Chinese, you say that like, "huo yen niao" and "pen huo long." My favorite Pokemon is Buizel!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SURVEY: Fast Food

This is a survey about fast food that everybody (mainly the kids and some tutors) liked. We thought more kids would like fast food. The vegetarians picked only pizza - so, yeah.

It looks like 13 people in this place like pizza, and I was one of them. I think the hot dog was hated.

Mr. And Ms. Pac Man's 30th Anniversary

All I can say is that they are OLD. Amazing story - they've been eating dots and ghosts to gain weight for THIRTY YEARS, and still, they're only circles and mouths. Now they're like 30 years old and 1 month. This is AWESOME. Happy birthday, Pac Man.

How'd That Get There??

One day, my books were all on the couch. I was packing very fast. My mom was driving me to school, and I saw a red light. I just thought I was seeing things. When I got to school, the teacher told us to take out our writing notebooks, and I saw my remote!

...And We're Back!

Last Sunday, Undertaker was matched against his little brother, Kane. Undertaker gave Kane a REAL fight, but Kane still found a way to beat his brother.

Winner: KANE!

Monday, May 24, 2010


1ST MATCH (Intercontinental Championship)
Drew Mcintyre vs Kofi Kingston
4 stars (out of 5)
Pretty solid and good match

2ND MATCH (Tagteam Titles)

Hart Dynasty vs Jerimiz
2.5 stars (out of 5)
Nice match

3RD MATCH (Grudge match)
EDGE vs Randy Orton
5 stars (out of 5)
Awesome match, but no winner (both were counted out)

4TH MATCH (Divas title)
Eve vs Maryse
1.5 stars (out of 5)
Not bad

5TH MATCH (Hair vs SES Pledge)
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
5 stars (out of 5)
2nd best match of the night -- Punk started to bleed from the head but Punk loses because of Kane's interference.

6TH MATCH (World Heavyweight Championship)
Jack Swagger vs Big Show
3 stars (out of 5)
Not that bad.

7TH MATCH (I Quit Match)
John Cena vs. Batista
4.5 stars (out of 5)

- Carlito released from his contract
- Four NXT stars eliminated (Darren Young, Daniel Bryan, Skip Shefield, Michael Tarver)
- Wrestlemania XXVII in Atlanta, GA (a tribute to WCW, which started in Atlanta)

That's all.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

826NYC's Ping Pong Hall of Fame

SMARTY: One of the smartest players in ping pong. He knows just about every plan that his opponent is thinking. With that skill, he knows how to beat his opponents very easily. One of the best ping pong players in the world. Yet he thinks he's playing tennis.

SPEEDY: His name is Speedy. He can run really fast, and he always scores. He can beat anybody all over the world, and his favorite color is red. What is his favorite sport? Ping pong.

SASHA: This is Sasha. She is very good a ping pong. She has won 30 gold medals. She swings really fast and, well, runs pretty quick. If you play her, you are guaranteed to lose. She has not been playing for long, though.
Swing: *****
Fastness: *****

ASTRO: His name is Astro. How to play ping pong: smack the ball across the other person. What he likes the most is work. He likes to play with his family and to watch movies with his family. What he says for movies is, "Movie time." His favorite color is green. His favorite sport is soccer.

TIANNA: This is Tianna. She gets really nervous during ping pong matches. She still does pretty well, though. You will probably lose, but it is not a guarantee.
Fastness: **********
Swing: *********