Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tech Deck, Further Details

There are two types of finger boards: "Tech Decks" or "X Games." I love Tech Decks better than X Games because they have better designs, but X Games has two little cool shoes. Also, Tech Decks have cool skate parks, like half pipes and ramps and whole pipes and a grinder, also.

You can buy them for $5.00 for a single pack, $11-25 for ramps, 3-4 packs are $10.00. I would recommend going to Neergaard in 9th Street and 5th Avenue, upstairs. Tech Deck rhymes.

Bored? Nothing to Do? Read This...

Ever felt you have no power? Well imagine if you did. Read the book, "If a Kid Is a Representative."

"I got my inspiration from a friend. We were talking about if kids could be representatives, and it gave me this idea," says the mysterious author. Our description of the author has limited details, but we can say that she has the ability to charm most men, and when the reporter asked for a date, she slapped him.

Missing Dodgeball

Attention: Missing dodgeball. Last seen at 826NYC drop-in tutoring, or the couch. If found, please give to Joan. There might be an award, MAYBE. Maybe not (probably not).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FSAB Championship

This will belong to the person that made the most posts on Fish Slaps a Baby. The competition will end on April 15, 2009. The winner has to make 20 posts (old ones count). Darious will tally up the posts. He could win, also.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bakugan, Explained

What is Bakugan?
It’s a toy that is a ball/weird animal. Some of these Bakugan might look like an alien!

Why are they cool?
They are cool because you can battle with them. Sometimes they come with cards. The cards sometimes are not magnetic; sometimes they are. If they’re magnetic, you put your Bakugan on them, then they pop out.

What are the numbers?
The numbers mean what power they are. And if they’re like 1000G Bakugan, that’s the rarest Bakugan!

What do they look out when you buy one?
When you buy a Bakugan it’s a ball. And sometimes it might come with cards. And if you get lucky and your dad says you can get a case of Bakugan, if you have a kind of spider sign on the Bakugan, that means it’s a water type. That means you need to get a card that has a sign of water on it, with a certain type of card that has the sign on it, and then put your Bakugan on it if you’re in a battle.

Where can you find a Bakugan, and how much are they?
Some Bakugan are in Toys R Us. They’re like $6.99. But in space toys, you can get a pack of Bakugan for $10.99. There are about 4 in a pack.

Tech Decks, Explained

I'm answering these questions because some people don't know what a Tech Deck is, and parents and adults don't know why they're so popular right now.

1. What is a "Tech Deck?"
A Tech Deck is a cool toy that's sort of like a skateboard. You can use your fingers to do tricks, like an ollie, an impossible, a shove it, grinds, and freestyle. This video, explains how to do some tricks. There will be lots more soon.

2. Why are they so popular right now?
They're so popular because each Tech Deck has a special design under it. And you can do cool tricks and make up tricks. And you can launch them very high.

3. Who was the first person you saw with one of these?
There is this guy in my class named Jared who had a Tech Deck and brought it to school. I thought it was pretty cool, so I told my mom to buy one. When I took it out in school to show my friends, the teacher saw it and she took it away and never gave it back!

4. Why do adults take Tech Decks away?
I think that adults take Tech Decks away to feed their dogs.

5. Where can you find one, and how much will it cost?
I don't know what the store's called, but I know it's pretty close. I don't know how much they cost, but the one's I bought on 8th Avenue were only five dollars.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Adventures of Redman and Blueman

One day, Redman was flying. Then he crashed. They took him to the hospital. He hit his head on the EMT car.
"I'm alive!" he said.
A plane crashed on him.
"Noooo!" said his brother, Blueman.
And a car crashed into him.

The Clock

This took me four days to shoot while watching Bowfinger. Bowfinger kept me going. I've seen it like five times before. It was funny when I first saw it, but not any more.

"The Clock." Enjoy. I hope.