Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Naruto Shippuden

In Naruto Shippuden Naruto comes back from training with Master Jiriya. Naruto is a boy who does not have any parents. He is a nine-tailed fox demon. Master Jiriya is a sanin. A sanin is someone really strong. Naruto has been training for two years because Orochimaru took Saskue away from the leaf village. Orochimaru is a snake expert. He is an evil guy. Saskue is a boy who is Naruto's friend. Naruto keeps telling him to stop going to Orochimaru because he's bad. But Saskue doesn't care. He just keeps going.

Connecticut Trip

I am going to Connecticut and I like baseball.

The blog I made is about me going to the baseball game all because I was only late one time and because of that I can run the bases and throw the first ball. To play baseball you have to score more points than your opponents by running to homebase or hit a homerun. And there are nine innings. That means you have nine chances to score points. And if you get three outs it's your opponents turn at bat.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lurking Evil

I created this character today. His name is Dante, and he lives in the underworld. He's 18, and he's half demon, and half human. He has a very evil brother named Virgil, who is a full demon but has a human body.

Dante hates his brother. Virgil killed his whole family, which is part of Dante's family. Dante is training to defeat his brother.

This book, which is titled, "Demon's Creed," will be out in the next two weeks!

War Wounds

Recently, I was dressed up like Spiderman by myself. My mom was in the room. In like 2005 I got Spiderman web slingers, which are these gloves that you attach to your hand. There are two buttons for your middle fingers. When you press them, a web comes out through the can. The web is made of foam.

So, I sprayed the web on the ceiling, and it got stuck, right? And then I said, "It's stuck! Lemme go!" And then I swung, and then I fell off the webs and I cut myself on my brother's hamper.

Don't stick these web slingers on high places. You could think they could stay for a very long time. But they're not. They could trick you into swinging, but you could break something, like break your neck.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wrestlemania XXIV

In Wrestlemania XXIV the Undertaker is versusing Edge (the Rated R Superstar). What will happen?

Elimination Eel

These two eels came and won all the time so they have to fight for the crown (and EE stands for Elimination Eel). Tomas and Jeff 2000 are the best eel wrestlrs in it. So they're fighting good.

When interviewed, Tomas said, "I'm the best." Jeff 2000 said, "No you're not."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dragonball Z: Who Is Stronger Than Goku and Veggeta?

I know who: Nobody. They can beat each other, but when they both become Supersain 4 and Fusion. They go inside each other and become SSSSTTTTRRRROOOONNNNGGGGEEEERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Probably the Greatest Match of the Year

Nobody can outrun the charisma of Shawn Michaels. He is the most charismatic superstar in the WWE, but at Wrestlemania XXIV he will face the man who might be the greatest wrestler of all time, Ric Flair, in a career-threatening match. If Ric Flair loses his career is over. So will the Nature Boy's show be stopped? Or will he prevail once again? But then again, no one has ever outperformed Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania. But will he superkick the Nature Boy behind his back?


I just found out that Jeff Hardy got suspended for 60 days for using a drug substance. Just like the players in the Yankees. Some of them were definitely taking steroids, and maybe some were not. But my reaction to Jeff Hardy doing drugs is this:

I thought I was going to cry because he's my favorite wrestler, and now I have to replace him with Shawn Michaels until he comes back in May. Not like replacing Jeff Hardy with Shawn Michaels is a bad thing. He kind of let me down, and probably most of his fans are kids. It's worse than letting adult fans down. He not only hurt his family, but his little fans, too.

So Jeff, if you're reading this. I hope you get off of drugs. Because if you keep it up, you'll be fired and you'll have no place to go. The best thing is to stop doing the pills.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Looks Like a Ferrari

This car looks like a ferrari but really it's a corvette and it looks like a ferrari and a corvette mixed together. It costs $100,000 and goes only 220 MPH. This car looks more like a corvette, but the new type of corvette looks way cooler than the old kind. Or the 2005 kind.

What do you think about this car? Does it look more like a corvette or a ferrari?