Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lurking Evil

I created this character today. His name is Dante, and he lives in the underworld. He's 18, and he's half demon, and half human. He has a very evil brother named Virgil, who is a full demon but has a human body.

Dante hates his brother. Virgil killed his whole family, which is part of Dante's family. Dante is training to defeat his brother.

This book, which is titled, "Demon's Creed," will be out in the next two weeks!


Carol said...

I can't wait to read "Demon's Creed!" I want to know why Virgil killed his family (besides the fact that the is eveil). And I want to learn more about Dante and his training.

RR said...

What stores will it be in? Ooh, or will it be here online?!

rr said...

So, it's been more than two weeks. Where's your book? We're waiting! Please post an excerpt!