Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have no idea why Darious made this, but Joan made me write about this. Here's the list:
Darious: November
Corey: December
Jared: January
John: February
Victor: March
Yasmeen: April
Anthony (the kid): May
Kate (the grownup): June
Moses: September
Edwin: October

I have no idea why Darious wrote 11 when Darious had 10 people. They're the President of 826NYC, so they tell everyone what to do. Except violent stuff, there are no rules.

When I'm President in December I will tell everyone to give me 1,000,000 dollars. I think Kate and Moses will be the most fair because they are nice.

Sarah is the real President of 826NYC. We will be the President of 826NYC when she is away, until she comes back.

Chainsaw Cutter

Habitat: Forests, school, house doormats

Distinguishing features: Has a chainsaw tail and mouth. Has six eyes and two sharp arms. Can grow up to 500 lbs. The chainsaw can extend. It can be three feet.

Life cycle: First it's a baby. Then a teenager. Then a grown-up. Then old people. It can grow up to 200 years old.

Safety measures: You should never go up to two feet, or the chain saw will get you.

Diet: Humans, animals, grownups, pets, fish, and everything else (even dead stuff).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drinks for Survey

This is a survey that I chose because I want to know what the favorite drinks are in the place where I go, where they help me to do my homework. I asked a lot of people: 42! Some of them were kids, and some of them were adults.

I thought soda was going to win, because I see people every morning when I go to school with sodas in their hand or in a bag.

I thought the one that was going to lose was carrot juice, because that was the yuckiest, yuckiest, yuckiest juice of all. Two people voted for it, though - Josh and a kid in a red shirt (who I was against in Connect Four - and I won!). Do you know to make carrot juice? You put a juicer, clean the carrots, and dump it in the juicer. And put a cup where the juice comes out. And that, I do not like because it makes me spit it out.

I knew orange juice would be less, because people don't mostly like orange juice. Some people hate it.

I voted for lemonade because lemonade is a nice, refreshing, good drink. And it's healthy for you, right?

What do you think? Why does Josh like carrot juice?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The zebraphant is good at making friends. In its species, there's only five left - two in Antarctica, three in Asia.

Zebraphants live in caves with bats.

They can make up to 2,000,503 friends in one day by paying them $100 each. They get their money by gambling, playing darts and shooting pool against robbers.

The male and female zebraphants do not get married. The male lays the eggs. It takes them 200 years just to get ready to lay their eggs. They can lay up to 200 eggs in three days.

There aren't many plants in Antarctica, so the zebraphants have to eat other animals' poop to get nutrients. They also drink other animals' urine when they can't find water.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Time I Went with My Cousin

Once upon a time, I woke up. My dad said, "Your cousin is going to pick you up!" Then I heard a "Ding Dong!" from the downstairs door.

My brother opened the door and it was my cousin and his mom and his little brother and his father. Then they came upstairs and I got my swimming suit ready and a little bit of toys so I could play. Then I got my bag packed. They put me in the small car and they drove me to the Bronx Zoo! I went to the World of Darkness. You get to see animals that are nocturnal, like bats and cockroaches. They are nocturnal and turnal!

Then I went to the World of Lizards. I saw some frogs and turtles and some alligators.

When I was done, we walked back to the car and then drove back to their house. Then I went to the bathroom and tried to change into my bathing suit, but I was freaked out the fist time. Because when I went to my summer camp one summer they were playing some scary game that freaked me out. They were playing this weird game called "The House," and they put on a scary video that was creepy. So that made me really freaked out.

So my cousin's mom turned on the light and it was OK. Then I put on my bathing suit. I didn't even need to drive to the pool - I walked!

And then I was swimming in it and playing with some water toys. When I was done, I got some ice cream. When I was done with that we went to Toys R Us and I got a fun disk toy that flies. And it comes with a controller and a charger. Then, when I was done, we went back to their house and they took me home. It wasn't my birthday - it was way past my birthday.

I told my mom and dad and my brother and my sister that I had had a good time and I never would forget it ever again!

And I'll never forget that time when I went with my cousin.

The End.

answer this riddle

I am tall when I am young.
I am small when I am old.
I glow when I am in perfect health.
And water is my enemy.

What am I?

(You might win a prize. Probably not. No way. Hahaha.)


We finally got the winners - sooner than the regular time. The winners are: Baseball! Soccer! Football! Basketball! And Wrestling! They are the best sports in Fish Slaps a Baby history!

I was surprised wrestling won because I didn't think that many people liked wrestling. I think Darious forced people to choose it because when I was doing the survey with someone else, he came to me and told me that someone chose wrestling. And I knew that kid didn't like wrestling.

It's alright. Because at least we got our winners. I didn't want to wait because almost five o'clock, which means we can play Connect Four.

Five Will Win, Five Will Lose

We decided to make a sports survey a.k.a. sports graph.

We got bored, so Corey decided to make a graph.

What sports did we choose?
Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, cross country, racing, wrestling, swimming.

What is the significance of this honor?
These are the oldest sports in the world. People will never stop watching it.

What are our predictions?
I think Baseball, basketball, swimming, football are going to win because they are in the lead.

How many people are we surveying?
Eighty people, three days.

When will you know the results?
As soon as five colors make it to the top.