Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The zebraphant is good at making friends. In its species, there's only five left - two in Antarctica, three in Asia.

Zebraphants live in caves with bats.

They can make up to 2,000,503 friends in one day by paying them $100 each. They get their money by gambling, playing darts and shooting pool against robbers.

The male and female zebraphants do not get married. The male lays the eggs. It takes them 200 years just to get ready to lay their eggs. They can lay up to 200 eggs in three days.

There aren't many plants in Antarctica, so the zebraphants have to eat other animals' poop to get nutrients. They also drink other animals' urine when they can't find water.


Anonymous said...

very fascinating.
but very gross.

carol said...

gross! But zebraphants are smart to make money, even if they spend it on buying friends.

e p h said...

i saw one in a cave once. it was covered in bats. makes sense.

David Luke Doody said...

I rode one of these, but it was an African Zebraphant, which I am saddened to hear--from this informative article--do not exist anymore.