Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We finally got the winners - sooner than the regular time. The winners are: Baseball! Soccer! Football! Basketball! And Wrestling! They are the best sports in Fish Slaps a Baby history!

I was surprised wrestling won because I didn't think that many people liked wrestling. I think Darious forced people to choose it because when I was doing the survey with someone else, he came to me and told me that someone chose wrestling. And I knew that kid didn't like wrestling.

It's alright. Because at least we got our winners. I didn't want to wait because almost five o'clock, which means we can play Connect Four.

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Rachel said...

I'm surprised that wrestling won too. I thought swimming was more popular than wrestling. Good to know though. This was very informative.

Still, neither of the ones I voted for won! Maybe people only like swimming in the summertime?