Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Time I Went with My Cousin

Once upon a time, I woke up. My dad said, "Your cousin is going to pick you up!" Then I heard a "Ding Dong!" from the downstairs door.

My brother opened the door and it was my cousin and his mom and his little brother and his father. Then they came upstairs and I got my swimming suit ready and a little bit of toys so I could play. Then I got my bag packed. They put me in the small car and they drove me to the Bronx Zoo! I went to the World of Darkness. You get to see animals that are nocturnal, like bats and cockroaches. They are nocturnal and turnal!

Then I went to the World of Lizards. I saw some frogs and turtles and some alligators.

When I was done, we walked back to the car and then drove back to their house. Then I went to the bathroom and tried to change into my bathing suit, but I was freaked out the fist time. Because when I went to my summer camp one summer they were playing some scary game that freaked me out. They were playing this weird game called "The House," and they put on a scary video that was creepy. So that made me really freaked out.

So my cousin's mom turned on the light and it was OK. Then I put on my bathing suit. I didn't even need to drive to the pool - I walked!

And then I was swimming in it and playing with some water toys. When I was done, I got some ice cream. When I was done with that we went to Toys R Us and I got a fun disk toy that flies. And it comes with a controller and a charger. Then, when I was done, we went back to their house and they took me home. It wasn't my birthday - it was way past my birthday.

I told my mom and dad and my brother and my sister that I had had a good time and I never would forget it ever again!

And I'll never forget that time when I went with my cousin.

The End.


carol said...

It's really nice to have a fun and special day without it being your birthday!
I like the picture of the snake. Scary!

Anonymous said...

this is great