Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drinks for Survey

This is a survey that I chose because I want to know what the favorite drinks are in the place where I go, where they help me to do my homework. I asked a lot of people: 42! Some of them were kids, and some of them were adults.

I thought soda was going to win, because I see people every morning when I go to school with sodas in their hand or in a bag.

I thought the one that was going to lose was carrot juice, because that was the yuckiest, yuckiest, yuckiest juice of all. Two people voted for it, though - Josh and a kid in a red shirt (who I was against in Connect Four - and I won!). Do you know to make carrot juice? You put a juicer, clean the carrots, and dump it in the juicer. And put a cup where the juice comes out. And that, I do not like because it makes me spit it out.

I knew orange juice would be less, because people don't mostly like orange juice. Some people hate it.

I voted for lemonade because lemonade is a nice, refreshing, good drink. And it's healthy for you, right?

What do you think? Why does Josh like carrot juice?


carol said...

Why does anyone like carrot juice? My mom juices carrots sometimes because it's healthy, but I tell her I don't want any (and she gives me some anyway).

I liked this survey!

SarahBanana said...

I think Josh likes carrot juice because he loves all things orange. That's what I think anyways.

daburf said...

I think that juice should only be made from fruit, carrots for example should stick to be using used in cakes.....carrot cake. :)

That should be the next survey - favorite types of dessert! My bet is on Josh to vote carrot cake and possibly the one who wears a red shirt!

chestr said...

Carrots help you see better, maybe carrots let Josh see in the dark. Wouldn't that be cool?