Thursday, March 20, 2008

War Wounds

Recently, I was dressed up like Spiderman by myself. My mom was in the room. In like 2005 I got Spiderman web slingers, which are these gloves that you attach to your hand. There are two buttons for your middle fingers. When you press them, a web comes out through the can. The web is made of foam.

So, I sprayed the web on the ceiling, and it got stuck, right? And then I said, "It's stuck! Lemme go!" And then I swung, and then I fell off the webs and I cut myself on my brother's hamper.

Don't stick these web slingers on high places. You could think they could stay for a very long time. But they're not. They could trick you into swinging, but you could break something, like break your neck.


A. Reader said...

Whoa? You could actually swing from the webs, even for a second?

Anonymous said...

Make sure you shake the cannister thoroughly before you spray the webbing -- it's just like a can of paint when you are painting a house -- if you don't shake the can (stir it really well), nothing sticks.

Shake the can, THEN give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Ummm I didn't shake the can and it stuck for me, i guess i was lucky. I think it depends on which webS you are using, OR MAYBE MINE WAS SPECIAL.