Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bakugan, Explained

What is Bakugan?
It’s a toy that is a ball/weird animal. Some of these Bakugan might look like an alien!

Why are they cool?
They are cool because you can battle with them. Sometimes they come with cards. The cards sometimes are not magnetic; sometimes they are. If they’re magnetic, you put your Bakugan on them, then they pop out.

What are the numbers?
The numbers mean what power they are. And if they’re like 1000G Bakugan, that’s the rarest Bakugan!

What do they look out when you buy one?
When you buy a Bakugan it’s a ball. And sometimes it might come with cards. And if you get lucky and your dad says you can get a case of Bakugan, if you have a kind of spider sign on the Bakugan, that means it’s a water type. That means you need to get a card that has a sign of water on it, with a certain type of card that has the sign on it, and then put your Bakugan on it if you’re in a battle.

Where can you find a Bakugan, and how much are they?
Some Bakugan are in Toys R Us. They’re like $6.99. But in space toys, you can get a pack of Bakugan for $10.99. There are about 4 in a pack.


Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Bakugan before. That's really awesome. I think I'm going to Toys R Us today!

molly mcclintock said...

aw, i've heard of 'em, and seen 'em too! they're awesome

Anonymous said...

only one of my friend have got tow bakugan,bu i like it too.I live in Rome and bakugan are here too.The boy of the video seems so cute!!

Anonymous said...

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