Tuesday, January 5, 2010

826NYC's Ping Pong Hall of Fame

SMARTY: One of the smartest players in ping pong. He knows just about every plan that his opponent is thinking. With that skill, he knows how to beat his opponents very easily. One of the best ping pong players in the world. Yet he thinks he's playing tennis.

SPEEDY: His name is Speedy. He can run really fast, and he always scores. He can beat anybody all over the world, and his favorite color is red. What is his favorite sport? Ping pong.

SASHA: This is Sasha. She is very good a ping pong. She has won 30 gold medals. She swings really fast and, well, runs pretty quick. If you play her, you are guaranteed to lose. She has not been playing for long, though.
Swing: *****
Fastness: *****

ASTRO: His name is Astro. How to play ping pong: smack the ball across the other person. What he likes the most is work. He likes to play with his family and to watch movies with his family. What he says for movies is, "Movie time." His favorite color is green. His favorite sport is soccer.

TIANNA: This is Tianna. She gets really nervous during ping pong matches. She still does pretty well, though. You will probably lose, but it is not a guarantee.
Fastness: **********
Swing: *********