Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stinky Breath, Nasty Teeth

When I was in the fifth grade I saw a ghost that was brown. It had 4
hands and one leg. It came hopping to me like a kangaroo with big
eyes. the ghost was fat and hairy and had breath like a moldy melted
cheese sandwich. the ghost killed people and then ate them. This is
why he had stinky breath and nasty teeth. I looked him straight in
the eye and said, "Dang! You have some stinky breath!" I offered the
ghost some gum. However, I already had sucked all the flavor and he
didn't like it.

I started to panic because he might eat me. But at that very moment,
he put his hairy paws in his mouth and removed his teeth. It was just
my little brother in a Halloween costume!

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