Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Tangled" 2010 movie overview

It is one day before "Tangled" comes out and we have the advice of Mar-Mar and Too-too (and no that is not two people it is the name of one person):

"Tangled" is the greatest movie you've never seen yet. You want to see it because you've never seen it. I was watching disney channel and suddenly a TRAILER popped up! I asked my Mom if we could go see it and she said that it was in 24th of November. I was so excited and I could tell it was a great movie. Her hair is the longest hair I've ever seen and the whole time she has fun with it and can use it to be a rope and other unique things (SHE NEEDS A HAIRCUT). But it is fun and cool and I'm going to go SEE IT!

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