Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The New Sound Studio

The sound studio is gonna be where Joan works. They will be recording songs and in the studio, there will be two doors so no one can hear the singing that people make. We're excited to make Rock Hot Dogs songs, and I hope they will make a party.

Scott said it will maybe be done in 1 week, and they will make carpet on the walls. But right now it's all dull with nothing on the walls.

Josh says 5 or 6 people can fit in the sound studio. Jennifer says the 3 guys are working very hard.


carol said...

I love the idea of a sound studio. Now 826 can have more radio workshops, which will def. be cool.

May said...

What a great reported post. Did you all take a jounalism workshop?

Anonymous said...

in april, they said it would take one week

the project was completed in early september

but now it is super silent
to record even the softest song