Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fish Slaps a Baby Gone Wild!

I have a swollen ankle. It just came out of nowhere. First it was a bug bite. Four days ago, it was like a red thing. I went to school the next day. It turned purple. I went to the nurse. She said I needed some antibiotics. I went home and went to the doctor. They gave me some medicine and cream. I went back to check it, and they said it was good. It hurts if something bumps it.

The picture is too gross for Fish Slaps a Baby users, so we blocked it out. Comment if you want to see it!


Megan said...

Red? Purple? These are not normal ankle colors! Unless of course, you were an alien. Then both of your ankles would be red, then turn purple and eventually hurt if something bumps it. Wait?

Did you remember to tell your nurse thank you?

Anonymous said...

how dose it look now Iwant to see it