Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Darth Arbiter

This is a funny image from the game "Halo." This is a messed up picture of the "Arbiter" from "Halo." In this picture his armor is black when it's supposed to be bronze. And he has a black cape when he does not wear one, and last, his energy sword is red when it is blue in the game. So all together, he looks like "Darth Vader," so call him "Darth Arbiter." This is a messed up "Arbiter" found by ME.

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CommonSense said...

terrible. his cape is clearly a dark red. the sword is somewhat transparent.. this means it takes in the colours of it's surroundings... arbiter had the mouth guard armor (one side was broken)... this armor does not... this is not the arbiter at all.

and i'm not even a halo fan.