Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fat Dinosaur

What is it?
It’s a fat dinosaur [a toy] that can transform into an egg.

Why is it fat?
The dinosaur is fat because it eats too much.

Can you turn it back into an egg?
No. Only Sarah can do that.

Where did you find it?
I found it down stairs in a little cup at Sarah’s desk.

Who gave it to you?

No one really gave it to me. I just saw it and it gave me the idea.

How do you transform it?
Only Sarah knows.


Jennifer said...

Someone should check inside her desk. Who knows what else might be in there. Personally, I think she stole them. :)

ahtziri said...

Do you like the toy a lot ?

Anonymous said...

what, if any, is the link between the fat baby and the fat dinsaur?