Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mentally Scarred Mouse Attack

I think that Mouse Attacks should be pasted on to Fish Slaps a Baby because it is kid friendly and it may cause kids to watch the whole series of it, and it will make Fish Slaps a Baby the ultimate website, and it will also make more kids get interested into 826NYC and also

I'm going to work on my own movie, "Cheddar Bunnies, Cheese Power: The Movie"
It's about a Cheddar Bunny, and he always gets picked on by bullies, but he gest so angry that one night he wishes he has powers to get revenge. In the morning he wakes up and has supernatural powers. In the morning when he gets to school, he realizes he has supernatural powers and ends up taking revenge. One day his supernatural powers wear off, and he ends up falling off a tall building, but firemen save him with a trampoline. When they bring him to a firetruck, he falls and his head breaks off.

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