Monday, February 11, 2008

Darious's Valentine's Day Advice

1. Do not be a fool. Like for example, don't say something stupid (like "The Red Sox won the series.")
2. Do not fall on the ground.
3. Get some flowers.
4. Get a pet for them, like a chihuahua.
5. Get them a Valentine's card.
6. Tell them you like their hair.


hen said...

this is ssssssoooooooo awsome!!!!!

- henry m.

hen said...

it is so cool!


Anonymous said...

i will fall on the ground! oh-man!!

M.M. said...

You're a smart guy. I'm old and I only recently learned to tell them that you like their hair and to keep the Sox out of most romantic conversations.

Anonymous said...

How was your Valentine's Day? Any new advice for us now that it's pretty much over?

jean teoh said...

say: everyday is valentine's day with you

... doesn't that solve the problem ;)