Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here Is a Joan Buck

Dear Reader,
You still won't show your face, huh? Well here is a Joan bill. And if you don't show your face by next week, I'm gonna light all your money on fire. Just kidding.

You can use a Joan buck only in the country of 826NYC. And that's the only store where you can use it. It is kind of like a coupon. One Joan buck will buy you an invisible cape. 600,000 Joan bucks will buy you the whole superhero store.

Joan bucks are not worth as much as dollar bills in China. You can get a dollar bill in China that's worth $2000.

And this goes to you, too, Anonymous.


A. Reader said...

What, exactly, is the "superhero store" and where is this "country of 826NYC"? Tell me more. I've never heard of these things and I'll need this cleared up before I can even consider your offer. 600,000 Joan Bucks —— ha! Sincerely, A. Reader

A. Reader said...

Dear Fish Slaps A Baby,

I'm still waiting for your explanation. I don't even remember exactly what we are feuding about! When you have answers, maybe I'll remember.

A. Reader